Welcome to energy efficient and environmentally friendly Telia Helsinki Data Center

As a Helsinki Summit 2019 visitor, you have a unique chance to visit the largest open data center in the Nordic Countries, which has a collection of hard-to-get certificates that prove the environment has been taken into account with respect to the construction materials, waste minimization, energy efficiency and dozens of other issues, for example. 

This new generation data center runs on carbon-free energy and heats up 20,000 of homes. For example, rainwater is collected and used as rinsing water at the data center. The solution is rare in Finland and significantly contributes to reducing water consumption. 

Telia Helsinki Data Center provides cloud, data center and infrastructure services for both Finnish and international companies and organizations – with ease, speed, and security. You are the most welcome to see how it all works!

27th of May
15:30 Pickup from Hotel Kämp
16:00 Visiting Telia Helsinki Data Center (2 hours tour)
Tour includes drinks & snacks and a presentation “Hyperconnected world – Future trends on datacenters and cloud” by Henri Harmia, Telia´s Head of Programs
19:00 Cinia´s welcome party
19:15 Return to a hotel or Cinia´s party

Telia Helsinki Data Center, opened in June 2018, has been awarded the LEED environmental gold rating level certificate. The data center has the second-highest environmental score out of all LEED-certified data centers. Previously Telia Helsinki Data Center has received ISO certificates for exceptional operational reliability, operational quality, environmental work and OHS.